Lego Thinking and Building

Statistics is the mathematics we use to collect, organize and interpret numerical data. It is used to describe and analyze data such as census statistics, governmental debt, unemployment rates, video game scores, new movie release profits to classroom and state mandated test scores.  The ability to collect, organize and analyze data is essential.  This project will allow mathematics students in grades 6-12 to develop an understanding of statistics use it to describe sets of data, model situations, and make knowledgeable predictions.

This lesson utilizes data analysis of airplane production rates to make predictions and solve problems.  The Lego Simulation discussed in this lesson will model production methodologies in cellular manufacturing from a business standpoint while incorporating mathematical goals of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data.   The idea was originated from a simulation used to train employees at EMC2.  EMC helps IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their information.

Author: Lessie Anderson

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