Plant + Soil Unit

The purpose of this project is two fold:

  1. To show show the cycle of connectedness from science to economics, through use of Math and Language Arts.
  2. To utilize cotton as a catalyst for comparison and discussion in all aspects of this project.

We understand that schools cannot solely devote their time to one crop for their source of material and discussion. We do recognize the importance of comparing crops through specific science units. Cotton is a versatile crop with a dynamic endurance to both natural change and economic change.

The project aims to help students engage deeper into understanding of content already outlined in the NC Public School Systems. You will note that all of these activities and lessons are meant to partner with lessons you may have already created for your classroom. The best way to read these lessons is thru the lens of the lessons you have already created. How can you take portions, or all of what we have to offer here, and establish it into your lessons already made?

Author: Doug Price

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