Programming in Theater

Technology in theater began as early as theater.  Outside performances were common before the advent of indoor lighting using gas in the late 1700s.  With the invention of the incandescent lamp in 1879, almost all theaters used electric lighting by 1900.  Technology has been incorporated into all aspects of theater, including sets, props, and costumes.  Integration of technology into theater is the next generation of theater; a panel was conducted at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.  The panel focused on integration of technology for costuming in television and film. Professional theaters have used technology to create phenomenal costumes. Individuals are creating costumes for conventions and Halloween which utilize technology. It is time to integrate technology into costuming and props at the high school level.

The basic programming learned in the lesson will translate into many other disciplines.  The C program is the most prevalent used programming language.  It is used in system programming and almost all modern programming languages use it as their base.  Students could apply C to multiple languages, such as C++, C#, and JavaScript. Programming is used in telecommunications, database constructions, networking, software design, and engineering.

Author: Nancy Cattrell

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