The Whole Ball of Wax

Students will utilize technology and hands-on research of the past, present, and future of our city on the topics of events, celebrations, cultures, military, education, landmarks, landscape, cityscape, people, government, transportation, and religion to commemorate their city and high school. (This project was originally designed for our city’s Sestercentennial and our high school’s Centennial celebrations.)

The students will design and create a mural using their skills of drawing, painting, and collaging to commemorate and pay homage to the history of the city and school. Students will gain a sense of the real life applications of a Visual Artist with the culminating understanding that nothing is created or happens in isolation as they learn that, in essence, a Visual Artist must use a full spectrum of knowledge, content, and collaboration to create this mural, which pays homage to our city and high school.

Author: Kellie Perkins

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