Experts and Efficiency

A unit on Global Collaboration that uses the topic of Water Quality to teach the skills of a modern workplace.  In this lesson, students will complete a variety of hands-on activities to discover the importance of expertise.  Each student will identify their own unique skills and, through a modified jigsaw activity, learn the importance of diverse teams that include many different skills.

Lesson 1: Experts and Efficiency

Students will explore the science concepts of water quality and environmental stewardship while developing the 21st century skills of collaboration and teamwork. Students will learn to identify expertise in themselves and others, and to value that expertise in completing complex group activities.  By working in groups and individually, students will develop their own understanding of the importance of team diversity and demonstrate their knowledge as they struggle to accomplish a task using the specialized skills of each team member.

Lesson 2: Making Your Point Without Making An Enemy

In this lesson, students take part in a digital conversation using the Voice thread web-based tool.  This web application offers students a place to create slideshows of images and videos, and then engage in multimedia conversations (text, audio, and/or webcam video) around that imagery.

Lesson 3: Resolving Conflict: Development vs. Environment

In this lesson, students will engage in a debate-like activity on the topic of whether protection of the environment is more important than growth and development of human settlements.  At the conclusion of the activity, students will have arrived at a reasonable decision based on the opinions of many individuals, respecting those opinions as much as is possible.

Author: Paul Cancellieri

Download the lessons and supporting documents: Zip file