Fellowship Overview

Teacher excellence is the most essential in-school element contributing to student achievement.

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership, and its partners, recognize the critical need to develop and empower high-quality teachers, who, in turn, make learning more authentic for students. The Program bridges the gap between K-12 education, industry and research by immersing teacher leaders in highly technical and/or locally relevant STEM work experiences and supporting them as they design methods for transferring their learning back to the classroom.

Kenan Fellows are given unprecedented opportunities for networking, professional growth, and leadership development.

The fellowship begins with a summer internship in a higher education or industry setting such as scientific research, engineering, agriculture, biotechnology, health care, aviation, communications technology, high-tech manufacturing and more. The internship is the centerpiece of the program and is supported by 80 hours of professional development that focuses on building leadership capacity; and instructional strategies for integrating data literacy, digital learning, and project-based learning.

“In all, the Kenan fellowship has given me exposure to many tools, and the opportunity to explore my own talents and abilities. This experience has helped me develop into a much more effective teacher leader.”

Taylar Flythe, Students Discover Kenan Fellow