Carrie Lynn Brewington

Project Name:

Dupont: Fayetteville Works

The DuPont Fayetteville Works Plant has expanded to include the manufacturing of a wide variety of new films, fibers, and specialty chemicals that are used by homeowners, businesses, first responders, the military, and other consumers. Carrie Brewington will work directly with the Site Training Group lead by Paul Chavis. In this capacity, she will interact with all job types on the site: engineer, chemist, supply chain support roles, and the technicians who are the production experts on the shop floor and have the task of making the products at the site. DuPont’ staff will provide an experience rich in professional diversity and skills required for fulfilling roles. In addition, Ms. Brewington will create a curriculum based on her externship experience. The curriculum will focus on the science behind these products and careers within this industry.

From School:

Hoke County High School


Hoke County Schools


Paul Chavis, DuPont


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant