Cortney Gordon

Project Name:

‘Egg’Static About Salmonella Research

Ms. Gordon will work with Dr. Hosni Hassan, NC State; Dr. Matt Koci, NC State and Dr. Andrea Azcarte-Peril, UNC-Chapel Hill; Amy Chilcote and Autumn Guin, 4-H to translate laboratory research on Salmonella into a more “digestible” form.

Her work will help give other teachers, students and informal educational audiences an increased understanding of food-borne illness and the necessary precautions that must be taken to prevent its outbreak.

After her time in the laboratory and during the second year of the project, she will work with fellow educators and the 4-H Youth and Volunteer Development Department at N.C. State University to create a curriculum for K-12 classrooms and informal educational environments.

From School:

A. B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary


Wake County Public Schools


Dr. Hassan, Dr. Koci, Dr. Azcarate-Peril, Amy Chilcote and Autumn Guin