Diana Stavros

Project Name:

Computational Science and 21st Century Skills

Though programming jobs may be on the decline as a result of outsourcing, mathematical modeling and sciences that use computing to perform numerical explorations are ranked as the highest job growth markets for the next twenty years. The Shodor Educational Foundation in Durham is a non-profit education and research organization dedicated to improving math and science education through the use of computation and communication technologies. Computational science embodies many 21st century skills including quantitative reasoning, analogical thinking, and multi-scale modeling. Ms. Stavros will work with the various tools in use at Shodor to become familiar with new applications that require more visualization than graphing, more modeling than programming, and more exploration of the range of solutions rather than solving a single hard problem once. She will have the opportunity to mentor college students teaching middle and high school workshops and lend her content knowledge and expertise to Shodor’ curricular materials projects.

From School:

Walnut Creek Elementary School


Wake County Public School System


Jennifer Houchins, The Shodor Education Foundation


Shodor Educational Foundation and GlaxoSmithKline