Dora Barron

Project Name:

Applications of Robot Vision in Manufacturing

Robotics is often employed to expedite assembly line manufacturing or navigate areas difficult for humans to maneuver in. Ms. Barron and her mentor will study vision based robotics systems and explore how robot manipulation is guided by what the robot sees. She will explore ways that robots are able to use their “sight” to, for example, sort defective parts from the good ones or assemble components. She will develop robotics curriculum for implementation in high school classrooms. The latter part of her fellowship will be spent collaborating with Kenan Fellows Program staff and university faculty to implement a strategy for disseminating the resources she develops to pre-service teacher education programs in the region.

From School:

Westover High School


Cumberland County Schools


Dr. Sambit Bhattacharya, Fayetteville State University


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant