Dr. Jeffrey LaCosse

Project Name:

Scientific Principles of Engine Assembly

GE Aviation is a major producer of jet and turbo-prop engines for military and commercial use. This global company has a history of innovation in the industry. Through research and development, they work to address the growing need for innovative products that are fuel-efficient and cost-effective. GE Aviation is proactive in building relationships with teachers and schools in the region in order to engage students and increase their understanding of aviation engineering and careers. Dr. LaCosse will work with mentors at GE’ Durham facility towards making those relationships more beneficial for teachers and students. He will create an educational tour and design materials, demonstrations and hands-on lessons to increase student interest and engagement. He will observe and learn about the engine assembly processes and highlight connections to scientific principles in the curriculum and how they apply in a real-world manufacturing environment. The project will cover the skills and expertise important to the field, the evolution and the mechanics of jet engines and the science of jet engine function, and will reference numerous STEM fields including trigonometry, geometry and the use of blueprints.

From School:

Durham School of the Arts


Durham Public Schools


Dave Eatman, GE Aviation


NASA Flight Fellowship