Dr. Stephen Colbert

Project Name:

Improving Healthcare through Engineering in Health and Life Science

Dr. Colbert will be spending his summer externship in Guatemala, working with the Global Public Service Academies. GSPA is a summer experience targeting high school sophomores and juniors. It works to make a difference in the developing world, advancing health care for those most in need. Dr. Colbert will work alongside a group of dedicated students and support the program’ faculty.

He will take foreign language and technical classes as he works with the GSPA team to:

1. Facilitate health screenings,
2. Conduct community health interventions such as hygiene or nutritional education,
3. Conduct research activities with a university professor and
4. Perform volunteer tasks, including physical labor.

This externship abroad will give Dr. Colbert a unique and possibly life-changing opportunity to learn about how science and technology are being used to improve health services and protect the fragile ecosystems in Guatemala. The experience will provide Dr. Colbert with a wealth of real-world experience to bring back to his classroom in the fall.

From School:

Wake Early College of Health and Sciences


Wake County Public School System


Dr. Robert Malkin, Duke University


National Science Foundation, Research Experience for Teachers