Dr. Terry Anderson

Project Name:

Math and the Amazing Race

Kenan Fellows Master Teacher Dr. Terry Anderson has undertaken a five-year commitment to work with Robeson Community College (RCC) math instructors to develop exciting, new inquiry-based math lessons aligned with the new Common Core Standards. Using the extensive technical resources available at RCC, Dr. Anderson will work to identify applications of math that surround students everyday. He will collaborate to create problem-based math lessons which engage students in solving problems, making predictions and designing solutions, transforming the math classroom by encouraging teamwork and critical thinking to solve real-world problems. Dr. Anderson will spend the latter part of his fellowship collaborating with Kenan Fellows Program staff and university faculty to implement a strategy for disseminating the resources he develops to pre-service teacher education programs in the region. His designs will allow math teachers to provide students with lessons that foster an understanding of the relevance of math in the world around them.

From School:

Hoke County High School


Hoke County Schools


Angela McNeill, Robeson Community College


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant