Fred Morris

Project Name:

Interactive 3D Modeling and Simulation

Today’ generation of learners is motivated by instruction rich in the high resolution graphics, video, and audio found in many interactive games and multi-user virtual environments. Research on the use of computers and technology in STEM instruction shows that when combined with hands-on and inquiry-based activities and reflective analysis, interactive technology is particularly effective in promoting understanding. The 3D technology that is the centerpiece of this fellowship enables learners to bridge the gap between 2D representations of STEM concepts and real-world applications. Fred Morris will create and incorporate an i3D object into an existing or original lesson plan/unit. In addition, he will provide professional development on integrating i3D into instruction within her school, district and across the region and may collaborate virtually with other teachers using i3D technology.

From School:

Richmond Senior High School


Richmond County Schools


Dr. Carl Howland, Dean of Instructional Services, and Dr. Randy Henson, MET and CAD Chairman, Richmond Community College


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant