Helen Walker

Project Name:

Aligning Algebra I with i3D Technology

Helen Walker will develop an algebra simulation using interactive 3-D (i3D) technology. I3D technology uses techniques that combine three-dimensional computer graphics with human interaction; it is used to develop applications and simulation-based learning. I3D for simulation-based learning uses real-time, interactive, photo-realistic visualizations to present subject content to students to create a learn-by-doing environment. The student sees a real-time visualization of the subject and then interacts with it to accomplish a task. The method usually involves a demonstration of the task and real-time interactive completion of the task by the student and assessment of the student’s work. This interaction stimulates interest and results in up to 40% greater retention of the content.

From School:

Butner Primary School


Fort Bragg Schools


Jenny Washington, Fayetteville State University


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant