Jason Wolfe

William G. Enloe High School
Wake County Public School System
Mentor: Dr. Bob Rose, NC State University
Sponsor: NC STEM Initiative, NC State University

Biotechnology Lab: From Transgenic Mice to Transgenic Bacteria

Jason Wolfe is developing a biotechnology lab for teachers that will show how to extract a gene called EGFP (enhanced green fluorescent protein) from a neon mouse. This gene produces a protein that glows a brilliant green color when exposed to UV light. The EGFP gene will then be inserted into a plasmid vector and introduced into E. coli which will be induced to express the protein. The ultimate goal of this lab is to produce transgenic bacteria. Jason Wolfe will assist his mentor Dr. Bob Rose in the Department of Biochemistry in a workshop designed to bring biotechnology lab skills to high school teachers. This training will be offered during a two week summer workshop at NC State University.