Jeff Milbourne

NC School of Science and Mathematics
UNC System
Mentors: Gigi Karmous-Edwards, MCNC; Dr. Nancy Shaw, Project Lead the Way, Duke University
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Problem Based Learning in the Physics Classroom
In collaboration with research scientist and problem-based learning specialist, Dr. Nancy Shaw at the College of Engineering at Duke University and Gigi Karmous Edwards from MCNC, two Kenan Fellows are helping high school students learn important principles of engineering. Jeff Milbourne, physics teacher at the NC School of Science and Math, and Miriam Morgan, engineering and technology teacher at Southern School of Engineering, are working together to create an exciting, collaborative project for students at both schools. Milbourne’s students will serve as the design team while Morgan’s students are the engineers for the project. For two weeks, they will collaborate to research, design and build a roller coaster. The project will enhance student understanding of energy types, energy conservation, and the work/energy theorem. This project has the potential to reach teachers across the state through the Virtual Computing Lab.