Jennifer Kearney

Project Name:

The Power of Statistics in the Math or Science Classroom

A working knowledge of statistics is important to a more scientifically literate and better-informed public. Statistics is a tool that not only allows the establishment of relationships in sets of data; it also makes it possible to predict what may happen in the future. Statistical research has become increasingly important to business and industry in planning for future growth and investment as well as to the sciences in the analysis of the large data sets used to study complex systems such as population or climate. Statistical analysis is valuable in drawing conclusions from what sometimes seems like unrelated phenomena. Kenan Master Teacher Ms. Kearney has made a five-year commitment to work with Dr. Lee at UNC Pembroke to study the power of statistics and its application to business, industry and the sciences and develop engaging, inquiry-based lessons designed to show students the numerous real-world applications of statistics. The latter part of her fellowship will be spent collaborating with Kenan Fellows Program staff and university faculty to implement a strategy for disseminating the resources she develops to pre-service teacher education programs in the region.

From School:

Pinecrest High School


Moore County Schools


Dr. Raymond Lee, UNC-Pembroke


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant