Keenan Locklear

Project Name:

Understanding Biodiesel and Its By-Products

Keenan Locklear will work directly with a biofuel reactor that uses waste vegetable oil to create biodiesel. The biofuel reactor is capable of producing forty-five gallons of biodiesel from each batch of waste vegetable oil. One of the by-products of biodiesel is glycerol which is used in household products such as cosmetics and soaps. He will also analyze additional possible uses of the biodiesel by-product, glycerol. Research topics may include Glycerol as a Fertilizer, Glycerol as an Energy Source for Bacteria or Glycerol to Ethanol conversion.

From School:

Robeson Early College High School


Robeson County Schools


Dr. Siva Mandjiny, UNC-Pembroke


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant