Kent Lewis

Project Name:

US Department of Energy Fellow

The Kenan Fellows Program is partnering with the US Department of Energy and its Academies Creating Teacher Scientists (ACTS) program to offer a new Kenan Fellowship that provides a unique externship opportunity at a Department of Energy National Laboratory. This three-year program will provide NC STEM educators (Grades 5-12) with sustained, intensive professional development that is experientially based and connects Fellows with the unmatched wealth of talent at the DOE National Laboratories. Educators will integrate the teaching of STEM disciplines with the practice of science, establish long-term relationships with their mentor scientists and teaching colleagues, and transfer their experiences in scientific research to the classroom using the resources at the National Labs and the Kenan Fellowship experience. Kent Lewis has been chosen for this fellowship.

From School:

Durham School of the Arts


Durhman Public Schools


Dr. Robert Panoff, The Shodor Foundation, Inc.


US Department of Energy, The Shodor Foundation, Inc., Goodnight Educational Foundation