Lori Craven

Project Name:

Statistics of Climate Change

The science of Uncertainty Quantification uses computer models to describe complex real-world processes in order to predict the likelihood of an outcome, even when some aspects of the system are not known. It is important that the next generation of researchers know how to recognize and work with these tools as they study important systems such as climate, sustainability, renewable energy and geoscience. Ms. Craven will be teaming with Dr. Richard Smith, Director of the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) to investigate and model climate change. SAMSI is one of eight National Science Foundation-supported mathematical sciences institutes in the United States, and is actively examining important questions related to climate change globally and locally. Ms. Craven will study the different types of data that are used for investigating such questions as well as the statistical methods used to analyze the data. She will use simple probability concepts, sampling and data collection and methods for detecting trends or level changes in a statistical distribution. She will collaborate with Dr. Smith on classroom lessons that allow students to understand various aspects of statistical analysis in this relevant and timely field of study.

From School:

Cedar Creek Middle School


Franklin County Schools


Dr. Richard Smith


Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI)