Lori L. Stroud

Clayton Middle School
Johnston County Schools
Mentor: Richard Lawless, BTEC
Sponsor: Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center

A Day in the Life: Exploring Careers in Biomanufacturing
The Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing and Training Education Center (BTEC), located at North Carolina State University, is working to fuel the growth of the developing biotechnology industry by creating the most well-trained, industry-focused biomanufacturing workforce in the world. Partnering with BTEC, Kenan Fellow Lori Stroud helps students explore the varied careers in biomanufacturing by conducting a series of experiments that mimic the day-to-day operations practiced in industry. Students use yeast cells as the basis for their labs, growing them in a fashion similar to what is done in large-scale bioreactors. The activities she is creating can be used as part of a microbiology or biochemistry unit or as an introduction to biotechnology.