Marty Creech

Project Name:

Innovations in Healthcare

Students who aspire to a career in healthcare benefit from a realistic and up-to-date understanding of the needs and opportunities available in the field as well as the skills and competencies necessary to be an effective team member in the health care delivery system. Mr. Creech will spend his externship working with Wake Forest Baptist Health leaders to examine the science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related opportunities that the internationally recognized academic medical center provides. Mr. Creech will collaborate with a range of hospital personnel to observe cutting-edge innovations in research and patient care in such locations as the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the Translational Science Institute and the Cancer Center. Subsequent to this broad introduction, he will narrow his focus to a specific area of interest and develop relevant and engaging lessons designed to help middle school students appreciate the science behind these innovative practices and expose them to careers in the field of healthcare.

From School:

North Davie Middle School


Davie County Schools


Dr. Jonathan Burdette


Wake Forest Baptist Health