Paul Cancellieri

Project Name:

Global Collaboration in the Classroom

In today’s global economy, students need to be equipped with a new set of skills, tools and attitudes as they prepare to enter the workforce. Cisco Systems, Inc. is a large, global technology corporation specializing in networking and communications technology and sustainable, innovative business practices. During his externship, Mr. Cancellieri will be collaborating closely with Ms. Kirsten Weeks, Media and Community Relations Manager, to learn about, use and consider the implications of practices currently used to increase competitiveness and facilitate communication, continuous learning, speed, tolerance, teamwork, adaptability, risk-taking, multitasking and entrepreneurism. Mr. Cancellieri will learn first-hand how Cisco’s collaborative, net-centric environment facilitates collaboration across timezones, cultures and diverse populations. He will take this experience back into the classroom with lessons and hands-on experiences that will teach students to connect virtually and provide them with an inside view of cutting-edge business practices.

From School:

Durant Road Middle School


Wake County Public School System


Kirsten Weeks


Cisco Systems, Inc.