Ronda Bullock

Project Name:

Biotech Drug Innovation

The biotechnology industry is making rapid progress in producing biological products from live cells with applications ranging from life-enhancing drugs to environmental waste removal. Biogen Idec, one of the world’s oldest and largest biotechnology companies, has been at the forefront of the exciting world of biopharmaceutical discovery, development and manufacturing. Ronda Bullock will partner with Biogen Idec mentors to develop cutting-edge curriculum featuring hands-on exercises that will better equip students to understand the biological, engineering and quality aspects of cellular production of biological molecules and evaluate the implications of these new processes in drug manufacturing. Students will be introduced to manufacturing processes for improving effective drugs. Mentors from Biogen Idec will work with Ms. Bullock to develop a curriculum unit tailored to the her interests and classroom needs.

From School:

Hillside High School


Durham Public Schools


Dr. Kimberly Buczynski, Michael McBrierty, Biogen Idec; Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, NC Biotechnology Center


Biogen Idec