Sharon Stephens

Project Name:

Futuristic Forge: The Fabrication of Emerging Careers in Science and Technology

Technology is a means to facilitate effective communication and problem solving. It has the potential to positively impact the future of our students by promoting a futuristic mindset and shift in thinking. Ms. Stephens will facilitate student exploration of science and technology careers of the future, by working with her mentor, Ms. Keesee, to explore i3D technology and its use in the classroom. This collaboration will lead to lessons which allow students to discover the many career possibilities available to them, design a futuristic job, collaborate via blogs to create a storyboard, create a digital media artifact depicting their career of choice and share the information with others.

From School:

Carver Middle School


Scotland County Schools


Gayla Keesee, Fayetteville Technical Community College


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant