Stefanie Phillips

Project Name:

DNA Explorations with Forensic Science

Forensic science education has received increased attention during recent years due to media, in the form of numerous movies, high-profile cases, and popular television shows like Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). Consequently, there is an increase in the demand for and enrollment in forensic science education at public schools, community colleges, and universities across the country. In collaboration with Dr. Lodhi and his research staff at Fayetteville State University, Stephanie Phillips will have the opportunity to study forensics in three specific areas: Genetic Inheritance, DNA Typing from Touch DNA and Environmental Effects on DNA. This project seeks to develop a biological assay for the detection of pollutants/toxins in water that would not be detected using current technologies. In addition, further study will investigate effects of environmental agents and radiation (including UV and microwaves) on DNA. The externship experience will provide the Ms. Phillips an opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and tools that are highly valued in biotechnology and forensic biology research. In addition, she will observe how the forensic biology laboratory at Fayetteville State University conducts research that is relevant to societal disciplines.

From School:

North Moore High School


Moore County Schools


Dr. Khalid Lodhi, Fayetteville State University


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant