Talia Swiney

Project Name:

FirstHealth of the Carolinas

Talia Swiney will work with FirstHealth leaders to examine the science, technological, engineering and mathematical-related (STEM) opportunities that this field provides for students who may aspire to a career in health care. The first year’ experience will be designed to give the Fellow a broad survey of the various aspects of health care delivery that relate to STEM. She will inspect the operations of an acute care hospital and observe cutting edge processes ranging from robotic surgery to the use of technological equipment that allows front line staff to accomplish their jobs. The second year of the externship will allow her to choose a specific area of interest and hone in on the processes that will be most beneficial and relevant to STEM education in the high school setting.

From School:

Ellerbe Middle School


Richmond County Schools


Dr. George Bussey, Dave Dillehunt, Stuart Voelpel, FirstHealth of the Carolinas


National Science Foundation Noyce II Grant