Tomika Altman-Lewis

Project Name:

Common Core Curriculum Design – Math/Science

The new Common Core standards are designed to address the knowledge and skills students need to be prepared for college and careers in the 21st century. These standards will be implemented in North Carolina classrooms in the 2012-1013 school year. Ms. Altman-Lewis will bring her expertise as a classroom teacher to a team composed of curriculum specialists from the NC Department of Public Instruction and classroom math and science educators with expertise in curriculum and instruction. Together they will assess the need for new materials and develop “replacement units” focused on key topics within the Common Core curriculum. The lessons will serve as model instructional resources to guide teachers in effective delivery of historically challenging concepts to students. This collaboration will play a vital role in making the new standards “work” for teachers and will position Fellows on the leading edge of important changes in the way math and science are taught in our state and the nation.

From School:

Burton Geoworld Magnet IB-PYP Elementary School


Durham Public Schools


Barbara Bissell


North Carolina Department of Public Instruction