Tracy Pendry

Project Name:

An Elementary Science Lab Manual based on Fundamental Biological Concepts

Elementary students eagerly explore their environment and yet, it is often a challenge to present these creative and excited students with hands-on science activities that teachers can easily implement in their classrooms using readily available materials. Ms. Feimster will guide Ms. Pendry, an elementary school teacher, through some basic labs which will give her some background and perspective into experimentation in a research laboratory. Concepts such as The Scientific Method, Osmosis, Diffusion, pH scale, Animal Organization, Photosyntheis/Respiration and Genetics/Molecular Biology will be explored. As each concept is developed, Ms. Pendry and Ms. Feimster will create an “Elementary Science Lab Manual” with age-appropriate versions of the labs that align with the NC Standard Course Of Study and contain modifications for application at a variety of grade levels.

From School:

Shoals Elementary School


Surry County Schools


Jasmin Feimster


Surry Community College