Wayne Lee

Pine Forest High School
Cumberland County Schools
Mentor: David Smith, Fayetteville Tech
Sponsor: CHAMPIONS of Freedom, Cumberland County Schools, Fort Bragg/Pope AFB BRAC Regional Task Force, Lockheed Martin

I3D for High School Students

Interactive 3-D technology (i3D) provides a multi-modal approach to simulation-based learning. Today’s generation of students is motivated by instruction rich in high resolution graphics, video and audio found in many interactive games and multi-user virtual environments. In collaboration with his mentor, Dave Smith and the Interactive 3D Education Center at the Harry F. Shaw Virtual College Center at Fayetteville Technical Community College, Wayne Lee is developing and implementing a new course that students can take for graduation requirements in North Carolina. This course will use i3D development software and equipment to capture the imagination of learners and allow them an outlet to further explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Working with a variety of stimulating media will not only hold the learners attention, but will also allow them to complete projects that can link STEM subjects in interesting and motivating ways.