Clifton B. Vann IV

Clifton Vann IV is CEO of Hyde Park Partners (HPP), the holding company for Livingston & Haven, MRO Stop, and AEG International (AEG). Vann was named CEO in 2015 after having served in various other capacities within the company since 1982, most recently as President of Livingston & Haven from January 1999 to May 2014. He was tapped to oversee the day-to-day strategy and operations of the four different HPP subsidiaries, which generate $75 million in annual sales, due to his visionary approach to the world of industrial manufacturing, technology, design, and engineering. His 30 years in the fluid power and automation industries have been propelled by his ability to dream big and motivate business leaders, educators, parents, and students to reach beyond traditional borders of the mind and jurisdictions. Through AEG, for example, he is currently championing off-grid solar power solutions that are fundamentally improving the lives of people in Tanzania – in homes, schools, and businesses.