Lesson Plan: Growing Camelina Sativa as a Biofuel

Fossil fuels such as petroleum and oil have been used as an energy source since the Industrial Revolution began in England in the 1700’s. Wood was becoming scarce and a new way to make energy was needed. Since then we have become heavily reliant on these nonrenewable resources to power our buildings, engines and appliances. Now, with the global fossil fuel supply being depleted we are forced once again to search for an alternative energy source. With our greater understanding of the environment and what it takes to be sustainable, the search for energy has come full circle back to renewable sources. The purpose of this activity, developed by Kenan Fellow Mark Townley, is to teach students why we are looking at bio-fuels as a replacement for gasoline and diesel, and to show the students how fuel is created from lipids and starches derived from plants.

You can access the lesson plan for the Earth Science classroom here

You can access the lab associated with this lesson here

Watch a video on how to plant camelina below