Lesson Plan: The “Haves” and “Have-Nots”: A Look at Inequality in the World Today

This lesson is one of three, written by Kenan Fellow Jeff Walter.  It examines demographic data and examines the issue of inequality in the world. It is an anticipatory set for an inquiry into the Age of Imperialism and bioprospecting. Students will use the website www.gapminder.org to find demographic data from various countries in order to determine which regions of the world tend to be developed and which tend to be developing. Although this lesson has been written for a World History class, it could easily fit into the curriculum for AP Human Geography.

Lesson 2 is titled “Nobody Expects the Imperialism Inquisition!” and can be found here.

Lesson 3 is titled “Bioprospecting: Exploring the Tension between Traditional Knowledge and Western Science” and can be found here.

Find the Teacher Lesson Plan 1 here

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Find the Observations Worksheet for Lesson 1 here

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