Lesson Plan: I Like to Move It Move It!

Students create exercise/play equipment for a “pet-themed” playground based on animals that they have chosen and researched. Students will have an opportunity to move through Active Brain Lab stations that are designed with 2 different animals in mind (dog and frog). They will be focused on understanding the differences between the two different animals and how they move. A special emphasis will be put on being able to appropriately use movement vocabulary to describe how the animal will move as each is using the exercise equipment.

Students will then complete research about their chosen animal. Students will need to research their animal’s size and capabilities, and how they meet their basic needs; more specifically, how the animal moves within its habitat. Then, students will create a toy/exercise equipment that could be used at the “pet playground”. Finally, students will develop a presentation about their animal and the “pet playground” equipment to present to peers and invited guests.

Author: Emily Warnke

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