Lesson Plan: Keeping Your Balance: Measuring Thermoregulation in Humans and Animals in Relation to Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

This lesson will introduce students to thermoregulation and homeostasis in humans. Students will learn how homeostasis works to regulate body temperature and the difference between endotherms and ectotherms. Students will also learn what hyperthermia and hypothermia are, and their effects on the body. Student will utilize TI Sensor Tags to measure IR temperature and ambient temperature. They will then compare and contrast the readings In addition to this classroom activity; students can also collect data with similar activities with their pets.

Students will graph their results and then compare and contrast this data to look for patterns. Based on their findings, students will discuss ways hyperthermia and hypothermia can be prevented. Student will present their findings to the class, discuss the accuracy of their data, discuss as a group their results, and relate this to the One Health Initiative. In addition students will learn about what citizen science is and look at various projects and how this relates to One World One Health Initiative.

Author: Joanne Blumenfeld

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