Lesson Plan: ‘Lifting’ Classroom Instruction

As a Kenan Fellow I spent my summer working at the Hyster-Yale Group manufacturing plant in Greenville, NC. Hyster-Yale Group produces on average about 160 lift trucks (forklifts) each day.  From the engineering offices to the plant assembly line, math can be found everywhere! Every employee plays a key role in the manufacturing process including engineers, inventory managers, accountants, sales and marketing, supervisors, assembly workers, and plant managers. It is crucial that all employees in the plant work together at a consistent rate in order to ensure on-time delivery to the customer.

Through this lesson students will be introduced to many different STEM careers in the industrial and manufacturing world. This unit plan contains a variety of lessons that all align to the 7th Grade Common Core Math Standards, specifically to the Ratios and Proportions domain. This plan is meant to be introduced at the beginning of the Ratios and Proportions unit, then cycled back throughout the remainder of the school year.

Samantha Haislip

Download (PDF, 563KB)