Lesson Plan: Ready, Set, Save on Solar Energy Technology!

This is a Project Based Lesson (PBL) designed as an extension to the Marketing Unit.  The 5 main components are (1) Investigate (2) Research(3) creation of a product (PowerPoint, pamphlet or poster) (4) presentation to the class.(5) educational display to exhibit to the community.

Participants will investigate and conduct independent research on solar energy and solar energy products then use this research to create a Marketing product.  Participants will apply the 4 P’s of Marketing (product, price, place and promotion) to a new solar business they will manage. Participants will be expected to create a 3-5 minute presentation on a solar energy business they will own.  Participants will use the Internet and YouTube videos to investigate and research, and industry guest speakers to obtain project information.

Author: Joanne Jeffries

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