Lesson Plan: Say No To Drugs, Unless They Save Your Life

This lesson plan is meant for AP Environmental Science classes, but could also be used for Earth/Environmental Science or Biology in parts (or as a whole). It stems from my work with Metrics, Inc. (a pharmaceutical company) and incorporates skills used in the pharmaceutical industry with those of Earth/Environmental sciences.

Students will learn about the chemistry of creating medicines, how the land is altered in gathering resources and storing wastes, how humans are affected by diseases, and how land and water quality are affected when handling the wastes created as medicines are developed, tested, and used. Students will be assessed by their creation and analysis of graphical data, participation in blogs, ability to work together to present information, and the creation of a graphic organizer detailing the interaction of the disease and medicine as well as the effects on the environment. Students will also be given a quiz at the end of the lesson to assess understanding of the concepts presented.

Author: Ryan Gardner

Download (DOCX, 4.63MB)