STEMwork Sprint

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STEMwork Sprint is a dynamic, self-paced online course designed to equip any K-12 educator with the tools and knowledge to establish and sustain partnerships with local employers and integrate this new knowledge into any curriculum through Project Based Learning.

Our interactive modules will guide you through strategies to transform your teaching practice and foster meaningful connections with business leaders to create authentic learning experiences for students.

“STEMwork has shown me the importance of seeking industry professionals who can work with students and help them explore learning in tangible contexts.”

– Katherine Glover, ’23 STEMwork Scholar
AP Biology Teacher

Course Structure

Our modules guide you through:

  • Establishing Education-Business Partnerships
  • Aligning Project Based Learning to Content Standards
  • Selecting the Project Based Learning Public Product
  • Creating Project Based Learning Assessments and Rubrics
  • Project Mapping
  • Facilitating Effective Group Dynamics
  • Assembling the Pieces
  • Sustaining On-Going Industry Partnerships

Key Features

  • Engaging and Diverse Content: Stay engaged with diverse content including videos, interactive e-learning tools, infographics, and resource materials.
  • Simple and Consistent Framework: Easy to follow structure for effective learning.
  • Chunk Learning: Digestible lessons to fit your schedule.
  • Facilitator and Peer Support: Collaborative learning environment with continuous feedback.

Why STEMwork Sprint

  • Boost Student Engagement: PBL benefits student engagement and builds college and career readiness.
  • Industry Connections: Gain the skills to develop and maintain relationships with local businesses.
  • Expert Guidance: A trained facilitator provides personalized feedback.
  • CEUs: Equivalent to 80 hours.
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Tuition: $498. Use the code Summer24 through June 30 and sign up for just $199.

Location: STEMwork Sprint is facilitated online. We offer a hybrid STEMwork model (in-person and virtual) for North Carolina school districts.

Timeline: The 2024 summer semester runs from June to August.

Time Commitment: 6-7 hours a month for 3 months

Meeting Times: Asynchronous

CEUs: Check with your school or district administrator to verify that STEMwork Sprint counts towards your license renewal needs. The N.C. Department of Public Instruction and the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership recommend 8 CEUs after course completion (5 content, 2 general, 1 literacy), equivalent to 80 hours.

Tuition Assistance

We encourage you to check with your school or district about the availability of funds for professional development.

Download a copy of our justification letter to make a strong case for funding from school administrators.


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