Goals of Internship

The goals I have for this internship is as follows:

1) Connect math to the lives of my students via healthcare experiences and opportunities

2) Build a connection and relationship between the school and community

3) Obtain new ideas and new approaches for teaching math to make it more interesting  and meaningful for students

4) Relate math to the life experiences of students that center around healthcare

5) Help other educators understand the purpose and benefit of participating in educational growth programs such as Kenan Fellows.

As a math educator, it is disheartening to hear individuals say that they do not like math or math is their worst subject because they just “don’t get it”. I aim to make math more relevant and meaningful for students with hopes of igniting the curiosity within many and converting the minds of those who dislike math to at least being comfortable working with math because they can understand the math and its purpose.

Encouraging other teachers to be continuous learners and engage in programs that will help grow them is something  else I hope to achieve. Quite a few teachers dismiss opportunities that could help them grow to become better educators. Like the students, if they do not know much about it or do not understand it, teachers tend to ignore. We have to learn how to help students at their level many times in order to be able actually help the child.

Lastly is the building of community relationships. Our school can grow and increase in parental involvement if we can build the relationship. Nothing makes a school stronger than having community support. It also helps everyone to work in unity as a team.