Benefit to Organization

The question is how do I see my internship experience benefitting my mentor’s organization?

The ways I see my internship benefitting the hospital are through the feedback I can give them about my observations from a personal standpoint and from creating a connection between community service members, school system and students.

What I have noticed about the staff is the grand amount of knowledge possessed by managers and directors of departments, enthusiasm of many employees and the caring spirit from many of the nurses. I have witnessed many new and improved changes that make the local hospital a much better establishment than what is was before. Many residents refuse or are unwilling to go to the hospital in Kenansville because of past negative experiences. Word of mouth is the best way to voice the improvements and changes and start to bring the community back to local services.

Bringing hospital staff members into the schools is one way to get the community involved with the schools. Building lasting relationships is a goal for all to reach. This is step one.