Sharing the Soil Love

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In order for this amazing Kenan Fellow Program and Students Discover Projects to continue, all parties involved feel as if they are a part of a symbiotic relationship, where everyone involved is gaining from the relationship.

While we all are creating new relationships and networking opportunities…more is happening.

The teachers are creating lesson plans that can be used in their classrooms, but then the museum is sharing these science lessons with all the teachers who choose to access the Students Discover website. The teachers who search for the lessons absorb ideas, and the museum acquires more fans and publicity. That can’t hurt, right?

Through Citizen Science both the community members and the science researchers at the museum are gaining invaluable experiences and/or information. The museum staff and scientists are researching many concepts, and some of them can be run (in part) by the community.

I our case, Dr. Julia Stevens will be able to identify more of her bacteria this year when our students around the state BLAST her DNA sequences. Dr. Stevens will also be able to investigate how bacteria chose their food sources through using 3D mazes in our classes.

Besides information and lesson plans, we are all be stimulated by new environments and new people who have fantastic ideas that have to do with science, teaching, relationships, and LIFE.

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