STEM, one flower of a larger garden

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While working for with Kenan Fellows I have met many wonderful teachers. I had no ideas that our state held so many different types of schools. The county that I live in does not offer the same variety in education.

I found teachers who teach in year-round schools and love it! I was amazed with how many teachers love teaching at year-round schools. They love sharing rooms with other teachers. They love having different types of breaks. The kids do not have a big summer break which lessens learning gaps. Michelle and Paul both raved about their schools and what their schools had to offer both the teachers and students.

I met other teachers who love their STEM schools. They told me about all the amazing things they are able to do in their classes because of the alternate school structure, materials, and funds. Tom impressed me with his stories and teaching style. We do have one STEM high school in our county, but I didn’t know very much about it. However, now I want to know MORE.

Other teachers work at alternative schools for students who have difficulty within the normal school setting. Beth is an amazing woman, mother, and teacher. When I listen to her, I realize that I have so much room for growth as an educator. I wish I could work with her on a more regular basis to absorb some of her brilliancy.

My eyes have been opened to possibly traveling to a different part of the state and being a part of one of the alternative school programs. Or possibly encourage others in my community to consider opening an alternative school.

The Kenan Fellow Program is Invigorating. I want to see how the rest of the state grows and fertilizes their students’ learning.