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Week 3 in Raleigh

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Check out the updates from Week 3 in Raleigh. I have added some pretty awesome pictures! Week Three in Raleigh – Museum of Natural Sciences

It Might Not Be Relevant, but That Doesn’t Mean It’s Bad

klsdfj asdf There are some many ways that I will connect my summer internship to my classroom curriculum. All of the cellular growth in our Maze Runner Bacteria Lesson will connect nicely to my 7th grade science curriculum. Also, we will be looking at the scientific process with constants and variables. We will be graphing and documenting our findings in… Read more »

Bye Bye Bacteria

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I am going to miss my time at the Museum of Natural Sciences. I am going to miss Students Discover Kenan Fellows that I have grown so close to. I am going to miss Dr. Julia Stevens. I am going to miss the lab. I am going to miss city life.  

BLAST That, Bacteria! vs. Maze Runner Bacteria Lesson Planning

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Working on a lesson plan with more minds than just my own can be crazy in both a good and a not as good ways sometimes. See the problem is that I love to be happy. You might say…”How is being a happy a problem?”…I would respond by telling you that I can’t always be happy (and other people can’t… Read more »

Sharing the Soil Love

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In order for this amazing Kenan Fellow Program and Students Discover Projects to continue, all parties involved feel as if they are a part of a symbiotic relationship, where everyone involved is gaining from the relationship. While we all are creating new relationships and networking opportunities…more is happening. The teachers are creating lesson plans that can be used in their… Read more »

Soiled Goals for the Classroom

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We are about halfway done with our summer internship with Kenan Fellows. This leaves me feeling a little sad inside. I feel like I have a million goals for my classroom this year, and not all of the have to do with DIRT and all of the “science-y things” I am learning. Goals for Teacher: Be okay with not always… Read more »