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Dirt vs. Soil

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What an awesome start to our week in Raleigh at the Museum of Natural Sciences! We got to know each other and our Scientists. We were able to take some time and catch dragonflies. Some of us were better than others. The proof is in the pudding (or the pond). We took a look at all of the amazing things… Read more »

We aren’t in Kansas Anymore…We are at NCCAT!

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Like Dorthy on the Yellow Brick Road, my mind is being blown at NCCAT this week (July 20th). Our week began with a bang! Eric Rowles from Leading To Change gave us an amazing introduction to STEAM, and how to incorporate STEAM in our interdisciplinary classrooms. Eric spoke to my “teacher soul”, reminding me of why I chose to work in… Read more »

My Future with Kenan Fellows

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Kenan Fellow is a Treasure Trove! As a Students Discover Kenan Fellow, I am looking forward to our summer research program with at the NC Natural Science Museum in Raleigh, NC. The Symbiosis in the Soil Project is going to allow both my students and myself to view ourselves as “citizen scientists”.  This experience is already broadening my horizons as… Read more »