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STEM, one flower of a larger garden

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While working for with Kenan Fellows I have met many wonderful teachers. I had no ideas that our state held so many different types of schools. The county that I live in does not offer the same variety in education. I found teachers who teach in year-round schools and love it! I was amazed with how many teachers love teaching at… Read more »

Partnerships for Life

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I want to tell you about a walk I recently had… This winter/fall has been very mild in the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, NC. To be honest, I have missed the snow, but the moderate temperatures have allowed me to play outside much more frequently. One day in early December my husband, Andy, and I went for a walk around… Read more »

PRL or Personal Remote Learning Plan

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My PRL Plan took me several weeks to complete. It was with perseverance and reliance that I accomplished my goal. My PRL plan was about data, Seizing the Data to be exact. I was very excited to start this project, but over time I wasn’t sure if I would ever see the end. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting; however my guide and… Read more »

The Unknown Is Exciting

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Kenan Fellow and Students Discover has opened my eyes this year. I have been so blessed to meet and work with so many new professionals (or at least new to me). I truly have enjoyed all of the adventures of Students Discover, from learning how to work in a research lab, to communicating with many groups of people at once,… Read more »