PRL or Personal Remote Learning Plan

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My PRL Plan took me several weeks to complete. It was with perseverance and reliance that I accomplished my goal.

My PRL plan was about data, Seizing the Data to be exact. I was very excited to start this project, but over time I wasn’t sure if I would ever see the end. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting; however my guide and instructor Paul C. was a wonderful encourage-r. I don’t think I would have made it through without him.

I have never been one for online or digital learning. I like and appreciate the group setting and an instructor that I get to see regularly. For some reason I thought I would have grown out of the desire to be sitting in the classroom because I “grew up and out of college” or because I get to be in a classroom everyday. It turns out, I still struggle with online classes. It makes me wonder if children today will struggle more with truly learning and retaining information because school is moving to a more digital form. Especially in schools that are 1:1, like my own.

Back to my professional learning. Throughout the course I learned new terminology and new ways to look at data. I learned to truly look at my assessments for what they were and what they had to offer both me and my students. The course forced me to reevaluate how I was evaluating students. I can proudly state that I did recreate lesson plans and assessments because of my Seizing the Data canvas course.

I love data. I just don’t think we always interpret it correctly. I want to share something I recently saw on Facebook. I will post it below, and I would love to get anyone’s feedback on what they think about this data that was collected.

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Thank you, and have a beautiful day. – Lia