About My Fellowship – Gohmann as a Kenan Fellow – Let’s Get Soiled!

I am so enthralled with the opportunity to be a Kenan Fellow this year. My life is continually blessed with amazing educators and scientists. I haven’t ever been involved in such an inspirational group of people.

Our Doc

I am proud to declare that I have worked at one of the best Middle Schools in North Carolina…Valley Springs Middle School of Arden, NC since I graduated Appalachian State University in 2010. – I did take a short hiatus to get married.

Science is my passion, and I am happy to teach amazing 7th grade students a variety of scientific subjects.

Through my short few years of teaching, I have met and been encouraged by the most amazing educators. One such educator (my friend) encouraged me to apply for a Kenan Fellowship. I am so grateful that she supported me in applying for this tremendous opportunity.

I will forever be a student of life. Learning is one of my greatest passions; so, I suppose education is a promising profession for me. 🙂 I want to inspire and be inspired by both the people and opportunities that I encounter over the next year. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with scientists and be a scientist with my students as we study the world around us and report back to our Post-Doc, Dr. Julia Stevens. My goals this year is to learn as much as I possibly can about being a scientist, about being an explorer, about educating others, and about encouraging others, as well as encouraging myself.