Who We Are

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership (KFP) at NC State recognizes educators’ vital role in shaping the future. With this understanding, we are dedicated to offering high-quality professional and leadership development for North Carolina K-12 educators.

Our programs provide unparalleled opportunities for networking with fellow educators, industry professionals and community partners. We aim to empower educators with the support, skills and knowledge necessary to lead within their communities and beyond.

Our Work

Industry-Based Fellowships for Teachers

The fellowship is open to North Carolina K-12 public and charter school educators. Key components are a three-week summer internship with a mentor in a research or applied STEM setting and 80 hours of professional development.

Our model offers K–12 educators immersion experiences within local industries, community organizations and higher education institutions, giving them firsthand insights into regional career pathways for students. We then guide educators in translating these immersion experiences into programs and resources that bridge the gap between schools and the workforce. 

Special Programs

We leverage our alumni network to facilitate special professional learning programs like STEMwork, Mountains to Sea and Not Your Average PD. STEMwork Scholars visit local industries during the summer and complete online modules to develop Project-Based Learning (PBL) units. Mountains to Sea Scholars participate in virtual and in-person workshops on special topics in environmental education. Not Your Average PD is free online professional development for teachers that covers timely topics in K-12 education.

Resources for Educators

Alumni play key roles in the Kenan Fellows Program, including serving on the editorial board for the peer-reviewed Journal of Interdisciplinary Teacher Leadership. They also contribute to planning and delivering our professional learning institutes as part of the faculty. Additionally, Fellows contribute lessons to our online database of inquiry-based curricula.


Advance K-12 STEM education by providing educators with relevant, real-world professional learning and leadership development, through innovative collaborations with partners committed to 21st-century education and workforce preparation.


Kenan Fellows form and enhance innovative communities of learning that inspire students and prepare them for an ever-changing world.


Established from a community effort to address the retention of math and science teachers in the Research Triangle, we are now recognized as a model for STEM workforce development partnerships in K-12 education.


We connect K-12 educators with industry, university, and community college experts, enhancing learning opportunities for all students. These collaborations prepare students for their chosen careers by improving their understanding of required skills.

Proven Leadership

Kenan Fellows excelled in leading professional development compared to a similar program. Independent research found they were almost twice as likely to lead and foster more peer collaboration through professional learning communities. Additionally, our alumni provide about $1.5M annually in free professional development for North Carolina educators.